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Internet Watch Foundation


The IWF was established in 1996 by the internet industry to provide the UK internet Hotline for the public and IT professionals to report criminal online content in a secure and confidential way. The Hotline service can be used anonymously to report content within our remit. We work in partnership with the online industry, law enforcement, government, and international partners to minimise the availability of this content, specifically:

  • child sexual abuse images hosted anywhere in the world
  • criminally obscene adult content hosted in the UK
  • non-photographic child sexual abuse images hosted in the UK.


Chameleon Studios have worked with the Internet Watch Foundation since 2005. Working on two versions of the website and the reporting form that allows the public to submit reports on criminal online content.

The original website was provided as static HTML and was becoming unwieldy in terms of managing content. The biggest challenge was to explore various avenues of organising this content in a logical manor whilst retaining improved usabilty and complete control. This inevitably led to an entire site overhaul with particular focus being paid to the main remit of the website, namely 'Reporting Illegal Content'. Coupled with this were the requirements for control over areas such as; news articles, company information, secure member areas & promotional banners.

In addition to the work on the website we also developed a mobile specific website that launched in 2010 and provided assistance with custom Facebook landing pages and advise on new technologies as they arise.

Report Management System

Facebook Landing Page

Mobile Specific Website