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SureFlap are the Cambridge based manufacturers of the award winning Microchip Cat Flap. Launched in early 2008 SureFlap has enjoyed rapid growth in the UK and has also now ventured into several new markets around the world, including Europe, Canada and Australia.


Chameleon Studios started to work with Sureflap early in 2010. Our brief was to redesign and create the platform for their UK ecommerce website, including trade customers logins, payment gateways and links into CRM and the fullfilment centre. The updated website went live in the summer of 2010.

Since then we've worked closely with the team on many other projects, including rolling out 3 other ecommerce websites (for the US, Germany and New Zealand) and several other internationalised informational sites for other countries.

Working on a multi-national ecommerce website has meant working with multiple payment gateways, fullfilment centres and their CRM system to integrating all these systems to build their distribution infrastructure.

In addition to maintaining their online presence we have designed and produced artwork for exhibition stands and their product packaging.

Sureflap.co.uk Homepage

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