May 25th is just around the corner and with it D-Day for making sure you’re up to speed with GDPR compliance. The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are creating ripples of panic, but we’ve teamed up with the team at to make sure you are legal, and even better for FREE, when it comes to your website and business.

Don’t cut corners here. The GDPR is bringing with it hefty fines for those who get it wrong. There are significant changes which you need to get to grips with. See Legalo’s great guide (aimed at web designers and marketers but applicable to all businesses doing marketing) for a detailed review of the changes in the law from GDPR.

A Web-Legal Privacy Policy

One such significant change concerns data subjects – the people you hold data on. If they are coming to your website and entering information, then this applies to you. Most notably, the GDPR is pretty explicit in terms of what your privacy policy should cover.

In addition to a GDPR compliant privacy policy you will need to implement a staff privacy notice. We have joined up with the Legalo team who are offering their GDPR compliance kit for free to all of our clients. Download it now. Make sure you use the code CHAMELEONGDPR02 at the checkout to get the GDPR kit at no cost. You can’t let May 25th sail past without updating your privacy policy or you’ll fall at the first hurdle.

In addition, the code will also enable you to get Legalo’s website compliance pack free of charge too, which includes an email disclaimer and a template for website terms of use, which you should also consider adding to your website.

We hope this information proves useful for our clients and other businesses who want to stay on top of their obligations. if you want to discuss this further please contact us to find out more.

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