A ‘creative and technical’ SEO agency

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a very technical skill. We are a creative and technical web agency. It sounds obvious but many agencies are not. They either outsource or cobble together websites using WordPress themes and plugins. We feel we are different:

  • We design and build SEO optimised websites from the ground up so we are very comfortable getting our hands dirty at a code level
  • We love data, analytics and spreadsheets
  • We have a wealth of experience with page speed and performance
  • We are honest and friendly to work with
  • We are a small team so you will be speaking directly to the person(s) working on your project

If this sounds like a good fit then read on…

Why use an SEO agency?

Use our vast SEO agency expertise

Search engine optimisation requires a very diverse set of skills. Needing different analytical, technical and creative talents to get the very best results. There are several parts to a successful campaign:

  • Analysis – digging into all sources of data. From website analytics, keyword research, competitor research and using professional SEO tools. Understanding what the data means and spotting opportunities
  • Technical SEO – ensuring the website is built in an ‘SEO friendly’ way. This includes the HTML markup, navigation, page speed and use of media
  • On-page SEO – reviewing content take sure it is targeting the correct key phrases and is written in a clear way. Ensuring good use of page HTML markup to make search engines happier to index the content
  • Off-site SEO – looking at the domain authority and seeking way to improve this credibility score

Because these ranking factors are constantly evolving keeping up with the change does make this a professional job often using multiple people in a team.

What services we offer

What does a good SEO strategy look like?

We try to keep things simple and not tie clients into long terms retainers. Here is our process:

  1. SEO audit 
    When we first start to work together we dig into your website, audience and competitors. Once we know what your current position is we can deliver a set of prioritised tasks that can be broken into a phased programme of work. This lays the foundation to support your content and rankings.
  2. Technical SEO implementation 
    When we take over a website our audit often reveals technical issues that means the website is not configured as well as it should be. Some will be easy to fix some may require a lot more work that can be evaluated and phased base on priorities. Making sure the website is setup just as search engines like it (yep there are guidelines) will make their job of indexing the content that much easier.
  3. SEO content strategy 
    Search is all about content and delivering the very best results. Once you have a solid technical platform and have done the keyword research it will come down to creating better content than the competitors. Ask yourself: why should your webpage out rank the current top page? What can you add to make it better and more complete? We can help you determine what new content you might need and how to improve your existing pages.
  4. SEO performance reviews
    SEO is an ongoing process where strategies need to be defined, changes made and results monitored. We can review progress periodically and provide analysis on the key performance indicators.

What we don't do

We think it’s important to be honest

As a small agency we do not like to oversell or stretch ourselves too thin, which is why we focus on a core set of SEO services.

Some things we sometimes get asked for but typically refer clients to other specialised teams are: link building, managing pay-per click campaigns, copywriting and social media.

We commonly work with other teams to deliver a combined service so we’re happy to look at that as a best of both worlds option.

A terrific collaboration

“Working with Chas and Garth to turn our initially ill-formed ideas about what we wanted into this sleek new site and new look for the Centre has been a terrific collaboration. They've been patient, efficient and responsive and have even at times anticipated our needs before we've worked them out ourselves.”

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