Fast, reliable hosting

As part of any project we work with our clients to discuss their goals and objectives.  One area that we confirm early on is the website hosting platform, this decision is one of the most important you’ll make throughout the project.

We have chosen a selected group of trusted, reliable and green hosting platforms that work perfectly with our websites and can provide a range of options that perfectly suits your system, whether it’s cloud hosting, a dedicated server, geographic placement or CDN provision.

We have you covered

Our hosting platforms are chosen for speed and reliability, but also for their functionality.  Built in encryption, multi-layered security, daily back ups, super fast server caching, robust firewalls and configuration tools are all part of the offering. This provides us with the tools we need to tailor the hosting to your exact needs, and ensure the website uptime is over 99.9%.

As part of this service we can blend this with one of our ongoing support packages, so all aspects of the hosting are being looked after, as well as your website code and environment too.  This gives you peace of mind that everything is being taken care of and if anything does happen, you only have one team to contact.


Email and communications

Email services are critical for any business and we can provide a range of options to suit your needs.

It may be that email connected to the website hosting is ideal, or potentially as a larger organisation you might require external services such as Google Workplace or Microsoft 365 accounts with a rang of services such as shared calendars, cloud based file storage and direct communication tools.

We can provide all these services if needed, and as part of a wider package.

One stop shop

We can help set you up and configure all your technical communications

Domain names

We work with you to review and purchase your ideal domain name, then manage the whole DNS configuration process to ensure there is no loss of service. Any technical adjustments can be safely made to connect to websites, email and 3rd party service integrations.

Super fast hosting

A solid hosting platfrom is critical to your business operation, so going for the cheap option often results with problems.  We can discuss your plans and objectives for the website and select the perfect platform for future growth and capacity.

Email accounts

Email is a key part of any communcation setup, and we can guide you through the options.  Typically we’ll set up server based email, but we can also help with services such as Gmail, Google Workplace , Outlook or Microsoft Office 365 accounts.

Content Delivery

Distributed website file and asset delivery is a useful service to speed up your system from a global perspective.  We are experts at using a range of these tools depending on your needs, and includes set up and configuration to get exactly the right results.

Support packages

Technical services are great when they work, but due to the fatc that there are multiple elements involved sometimes issues arise.  We are here to support you and your organisation, offering a range of packages that suits your requirements.

Analytics Reports

This service can be provided for clients who want to stay up to date with the analytics data of their website performance and search engine optimisation endeavours.  We can provide customised Analytics reports that are provide all this key information.

A pain free process and a smooth delivery

“Chas and Garth have done a fantastic job and have delivered a new website that perfectly matches the needs of our business. They are efficient, thorough and detailed in their approach. Their flexibility, skills and creativity resulted in a pain free process and a smooth delivery. Right from the start, we felt our web project was in good hands so the decision for them to host and support our system was a simple one. I have no hesitation in recommending their services!”

5 Star Reviews 5 Star Reviews 5 Star Reviews 5 Star Reviews 5 Star Reviews

Hello, how can we help?

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website. Please use our assistant to show you around and find out what you need.

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I'm setting up a new company or start-up

Setting up a business can be a daunting prospect. We really enjoy working with startups and can help with all your creative and technical needs, including logos, company branding, website creation, email services and hosting.

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I'm from a University of Cambridge organisation

If you are a member of the University of Cambridge community and you are looking for a web design or digital marketing agency, please contact us to discuss your needs and help you to develop a solution that meets your goals.

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I want to sell products online

We have helped many clients sell online whether it’s an online shop, event booking system, donation provision or membership platform. We have the creative and technical know-how and are perfectly placed to advise you on the best solution.

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I'm looking for a website redesign

Website redesigns are usually required when your current system has been in operation for a few years and has either become outdated, doesn’t reflect your current servies or is technically broken.

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I'm looking for a new web agency

We’re experts at planning, designing and developing websites for our clients. From initial ideas to completion, we create modern, accessible and eye-catching websites that are fast, easy to use and deliver creative and technical features.

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I'm just browsing, I love your work

Awww, that is really nice to hear. We do love what we do so any postive feedback is shared to the whole team as we all bring our unique skills to every project.

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