The WordPress experts

Put simply we love developing WordPress websites and have been creating custom built systems for well over a decade. The WordPress platform is super easy to use (if set up right) and can be extended and refined as your website evolves.

At Chameleon we don’t use off-the-shelf themes, we work with our clients through a proven planning, design and development process to achieve the best results and deliver a website you will be proud of.  Once launched we offer a professional and reliable support service to safeguard your investment and make sure your WordPress website continues to perform as designed.

Configured for you

WordPress is an ‘open source’ platform and has a worldwide community of developers who work on the core system as well as a wide variety of plug-ins to extend the system functions.

These plug-ins provide all the tools your website needs including WordPress security, SEO, website forms, API connections to other platforms and interactive tools such as image galleries.

We work with you to create the perfect WordPress installation, using as many core functions as we can, then selecting a trusted and minimal set of plug-ins to add logic and intelligence to your website, and if the project requires we can even build custom plug-ins specifically for you too.

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Ease of use

Websites are complex products with a mix of both creative and technical elements, so our main focus is ensuring easy system management for our clients.

We use a blend of tools to make the editing process as simple as possible, so you can login, edit the content quickly and efficiently and publish.

We also build our systems in such a way that they can be extended, making sure the editing process remains as simple as possible with the wider website design and styling being consistent.

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How we develop WordPress websites

A few principles that we like to stick to

Creative design

A core part of our WordPress websites involve unique, custom designs base don your specific project requirements.

We walk through a proven step-by-step design process to make sure you are involved every step of the way and the end result is unique to your business.

Custom built

All our WordPress websites are custom built for your organisation, no off-the-shelf themes here!

We take the approved layouts from the design process then fully integrate into your own bespoke WordPress theme.  This ensures a truely professional platform when delivered.

Easy to edit

We understand our clients are busy and need quick and easy tools to be able to publish their content.

We put a lot of effort into making sure that WordPress is setup in a simple and logical way


Like website speed, accessibility needs to be planned from the start during the design stages and within the development framework.

We aim to make all our websites ‘accessible’ having worked on several projects where the accessibility levels were critical and audited.

Minimal plugins

As a rule of thumb the more plugins the slower your website becomes to edit and support.

We keep things simple and use a small number of trusted industry standard plugins and the rest we build into your custom theme.


We know how important fast loading pages are to user experience and search rankings.

Right from the start of the design process we will have this in mind, as retrospectively updating existing websites is much harder to achieve the best results.

WordPress developments

A selection of custom designed and developed WordPress powered website creations

Hughes Hall College, Cambridge

Hughes Hall College, Cambridge

The University of Cambridge’s oldest graduate college, Hughes Hall are one of the most international colleges, bridging the academic and external worlds, with an open and informal atmosphere.

Oryx—The International Journal

Oryx—The International Journal

Oryx is a bimonthly, peer-reviewed journal of biodiversity conservation, conservation policy and sustainable use, and the interaction of these subjects with social, economic and political issues.

Institute for the Study of Antisemitism

Institute for the Study of Antisemitism

The Birkbeck Institute for the Study of Antisemitism is a centre of innovative research and teaching on antisemitism, racialization and religious intolerance. It contributes to knowledge and understanding, policy formation and public debate.

Richard Designs

Richard Designs

A multi-site website network for this family owned business, who are a leading designer and manufacturer of bridal accessories in the UK, with stockists worldwide.

Meteor Inkjet

Meteor Inkjet

Meteor is the world’s leading independent supplier of industrial inkjet electronics, software, tools and services. Known for technical expertise and innovation, Meteor is trusted by printhead manufacturers and print system builders alike.

Endangered Landscapes

Endangered Landscapes

The Endangered Landscapes Programme is building a future in which landscapes are enriched with biodiversity, establishing resilient, more self-sustaining ecosystems that benefit both nature and people.

Constantly been impressed by their commitment

“Working with Chameleon Studios has been a real pleasure. I have constantly been impressed by their commitment to understand and meet our needs - whatever it takes! Chas and Garth are an outstanding team - creative in their ideas and solutions, attentive and responsive; nothing is too much trouble, everything is thought through with care and intelligence and implemented promptly. Our shiny new Pears Institute website is testament to a very successful collaborative partnership - thank you! I highly recommend Chameleon.”

5 Star Reviews 5 Star Reviews 5 Star Reviews 5 Star Reviews 5 Star Reviews

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I'm setting up a new company or start-up

Setting up a business can be a daunting prospect. We really enjoy working with startups and can help with all your creative and technical needs, including logos, company branding, website creation, email services and hosting.

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I'm from a University of Cambridge organisation

If you are a member of the University of Cambridge community and you are looking for a web design or digital marketing agency, please contact us to discuss your needs and help you to develop a solution that meets your goals.

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I want to sell products online

We have helped many clients sell online whether it’s an online shop, event booking system, donation provision or membership platform. We have the creative and technical know-how and are perfectly placed to advise you on the best solution.

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I'm looking for a website redesign

Website redesigns are usually required when your current system has been in operation for a few years and has either become outdated, doesn’t reflect your current servies or is technically broken.

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I'm looking for a new web agency

We’re experts at planning, designing and developing websites for our clients. From initial ideas to completion, we create modern, accessible and eye-catching websites that are fast, easy to use and deliver creative and technical features.

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I'm just browsing, I love your work

Awww, that is really nice to hear. We do love what we do so any postive feedback is shared to the whole team as we all bring our unique skills to every project.

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